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BSM Bumil has been growing up further through cooperative task with other departments. (Sales and R&D dep.) secures customers through creative ideas, product development and continuous complementary product. (Production dep.) produces high quality products to make the deadline. (Trading dep.) provides clients with the final products by means of meticulous paperwork and management. (Business Management dep.) has been trying to defuse any inconvenience of the staff and our customer, and to maintain and contribute to the follow-up and efficient management of the company.

Sales and R&D Department

R&D: Research / Design / Development / Molding

Sales: Planning / Marketing / Domestic Sales / International Sales

'Today’s success factor can be tomorrow’s failure factor.'

This department is established to develop, maintain, modify, improve, and advertise our present products as well as new products. Without complacency in the present, we try to integrate innovative ideas and the strengths of existing products.

Production Department

Assembling / Painting / Connecting / Machinery

'Success is placed ahead of Team work only in the dictionary.'

From a series of collaborative process such as assembling, painting, and binding, this department is on the front line to produce high quality items through the cooperative process in order to make the deadline.

Trading Department

Trading / Marketing / Domestic Sales / Oversee Sales

'Trust is like glass mirror, so once cracked, it is hard to go back to the original.'

Trading dep. is a leading and commanding department that manages the quality of products, carrying out the customs and the releasing process to make the deadline. Until the arrival of products, we try to keep the promise with the clients.

Business Management Department

Purchasing / Inventory Control / General Affairs / Accounting

'Human affair is everything.'

We try to make BSM Bumil as attractive as possible, supporting other departments, improving the purchasing, and the inventory management, and defusing any inconvenience of employees. We also try to enhance the welfare of the personnel, and to handle everything that has to do with various reports, and account related documentation for the most effective management.